Community & Family Services


The Salvation Army’s first major disaster response operation was in 1900 after a devastating, unnamed hurricane hit Galveston, Texas. The city, sustaining extensive property damage, was virtually destroyed. The hurricane killed more than 8,000 people and obliterated more than 3,600 homes, nearly half the city. Salvation Army officers from across the country were sent to the disaster site to bring comfort, to do counselling, to provide practical aid, and to help in any way they could.  The Salvation Army’s Emergency Disaster Services program in Canada began back in December 1917 in response to the Halifax Disaster.

Present Day

Today The Salvation Army’s Emergency Disaster Services has grown into an international network involving thousands of volunteers and trained personnel worldwide. In Ontario, we respond to incidents of any size or scope. In following with our holistic ministry, we provide services that meet the immediate, as well as long term, physical, emotional and spiritual needs of disaster survivors and responders. The Salvation Army endeavours to ease human suffering wherever it is found and draws on a wide range of resources which rapidly shift into action when a disaster strikes.  The Salvation Army’s capability and experience are proven. Whether it be a local incident or a major disaster, Salvation Army staff and volunteers are often among the first on the scene and one of the last to depart, honouring a century-old commitment to serve those in need, at the time and place of need. The Red Shield continues to be a symbol of hope and compassion; of immediate aid, psychological support and spiritual counsel to individuals and families whose lives have been disrupted or shattered by forces beyond their control.

Profile of Response and Recovery Services

The Salvation Army provides numerous disaster relief services. Each disaster is unique and devastating in the way it impacts the lives of individuals and communities. The Salvation Army’s emergency & disaster response is community based, varying from place to place based upon the community’s situation and the magnitude of the incident. The Salvation Army has the ability to provide both immediate emergency assistance and long-term recovery help. Emergency response services are activated on short notice according to an agreed-upon notification procedure, while long-term recovery is strategically planned in response to the situation, through working and partnering with many other community entities. Even with the ability to be flexible and to respond based upon the community’s situation, there are several basic services that The Salvation Army Great Lakes Division offers. These services form the core of The Salvation Army’s Emergency Disaster Services program.
  • Emotional & Spiritual Care
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Food & Hydration Services
  • Disaster Shelter
  • Donations Management
  • Emergency Assistance
  • Clean Up & Reconstruction
  • Emergency Communication (SATERN)

Holiday Services

Proving food for families, and gifts for children 12 and younger. Service available at Windsor Community And Rehabilitation Centre.

An annual Community Christmas dinner at St. Clair Centre for the Arts. Service available at Windsor Community And Rehabilitation Centre.   IMG_3227

To assist with Christmas Relief we hold an annual Christmas Kettle/Bubble Campaign throughout the city. Service available at Windsor Community And Rehabilitation Centre.   Sally Ann donation 2

Spiritual Services

Worship & Chapel Services are held at two of our locations listed below.  All are welcome to come worship with us.

Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare recognizes the importance of religious, spiritual and emotional support for patients, families, visitors and staff. The Chapel is open from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. However, the chapel is always available for quiet reflection or prayer. To use the Chapel outside of regular hours, please contact the Security department at ext. 76100. For information on services provided, please call Spiritual Care Services at extension 75204.

Home Bible Study - College & Careers Sunday @ 6pm in Teen Room at South Windsor Citadel Church Sunday Evening Study @ 6 pm in Fireside Room/Women's Bible Study Wednesday @ 9:30 am For more information about any of these groups please contact the church office.

Available at South Windsor Citadel Church on 3rd Saturday of every Month - Please contact the church office for more details.

A time for women to foster Christian beliefs and values while receiving encouragement for their personal and spiritual journey. As well, empowering women for service to others. Available at South Windsor Citadel Church (including brunch).

Available at South Windsor Citadel Church on Thursdays @ 6:15 pm - 7:00 pm.

Available at South Windsor Citadel Church on 1st & 3rd Friday evening of each month - Please contact the church office for more details.

Available at South Windsor Citadel Church on 2nd of 4th Friday of each month there is a potluck luncheon (12 noon) and program.

Hostel Services

  • Board, lodging and personal needs to homeless males on a short term, infrequent basis
  • Onsite Resource Coordinators to assist Emergency Shelter participants find permanent housing
  • Onsite Housing Information worker to help client finding the place they can stay
Service available at Windsor Community And Rehabilitation Centre.

Onsite supportive care for men dealing with mental health concerns and/or addiction who are 18 and older. Service available at Windsor Community And Rehabilitation Centre.  

  • Windsor Community And Rehabilitation Centre open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (6:00 pm - 7:00 pm)
  • Community feeding program in operation from November to March; providing an evening meal of hot soup with bread to individuals and families in need of these services

For detail meeting schedule please call the Windsor Community And Rehabilitation Centre to learn more.

Child Care Services

[accordion_item title="The Learning Corner Child Care Centre" accordion="accordion"] The Learning Corner Child Care Centre has been providing quality child care to the East Windsor community for over 28 years. We are staffed by caring, qualified Early Childhood Educators and loving Assistant Teachers who provide a wide variety of fun experiences that promote and enhance child development. Our balanced, nutritious meals are Health Unit approved and prepared onsite by a Certified Chef. Most of our staff have been with us at TLC for well over 10 years.