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Clinics at the Windsor Centre of Hope

  1. Tax Clinic
  2. ID Clinic/ Birth Certificates
  3. Ontario Energy Saving Program (O.E.S.P)


Tax Clinic

Tax clinic eligibility criteria:

In order to be eligible for the CVITP, individuals must have a modest income and a simple tax situation.

This may include:

  • adults 65 years and older
  • housing-insecure individuals
  • Indigenous Peoples
  • modest-income individuals
  • newcomers
  • persons with disabilities
  • students and youth

Modest Income

The following table provides a guideline to determine what is considered a modest income. In general, a modest income means the total family income is less than or equal to the amount shown in the chart below, based on the size of the family.


Suggested income levels Suggested income levels
 Family size  Total family income
 1 person  $35,000
 2 people  $45,000
 3 people  $47,500
 4 people  $50,000
 5 people  $52,500
 More than 5 people  $52,500, plus $2,500 for each additional person

Family size includes an individual, or a couple, and their dependents.



Community organizations can adjust the total family income for their clients based on the local economic environment, the population they serve, and their resources. Organizations may also create additional criteria for the community they serve. If a host organization chooses to modify the family income amounts for their tax clinic, they should include details when posting clinic information on

Simple tax situation

In general, a tax situation is simple if an individual has no income or if their income comes from these sources:

  • employment
  • pension
  • benefits, such as the Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security, disability insurance, employment insurance, and social assistance
  • Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs)
  • scholarships, fellowships, bursaries, or grants
  • interest (under $1,000)


The CVITP does not provide training or support for complex tax situations. Volunteers should not complete returns with the following:

  • self-employment income or employment expenses * (see Exception 1)
  • business income and expenses
  • rental income and expenses
  • interest income over $1,000
  • capital gains or losses
  • bankruptcy in the tax year (or the year before, if that return has not yet been filed)
  • deceased person
  • foreign property (T1135)
  • foreign income ** (see Exception 2)


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We help clients get a replacement birth certificate if they lost. No eligibility.  General population fee is 35 dollars for waiver or 0$ for homeless.

For our OESP program:

If you are a customer of an electricity utility and in a lower-income home, you may qualify for a reduction on your electricity bill. The OESP will reduce the cost of your household electricity by applying a monthly credit directly to your bill. The credit amount will depend on how many people live in your home and your combined household income. You need to supply your electricity bill.


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