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Community Care Centre: Housing with Supports

Community Care Program

Our Community Care Program is intended for men with a diagnosed mental health issue(s) or who are in need of a supportive care facility due to a breakdown in their community based living arrangements.  The program is aimed to educate residents in life skills, teach medication awareness, offer support in mental health issues and make referrals to community-based organizations when needed.

Our 24 hour staff assists through case management to achieve goals that are outlined by the resident. Our program promotes hope in a supportive and compassionate environment.

Program Objectives

This program is designed to foster the highest level of independence for individuals with mental illness living in the Community Care Unit. Housing with Supports Objectives are:

  • A residential living environment that is safe and supportive for all residents
  • A person focused environment where residents are supported in a manner that meets individual needs (i.e. residents have access to a range of structured and unstructured programs)
  • Permanent housing insofar as it continues to meet the resident’s needs
  • to provide a comfortable atmosphere where residents can seek spiritual help

Description of Target Population

The Salvation Army Housing with supports exists to support men 18 years or older who it has been determined would be unable to live independently in the community.  This inability could be based on mental or physical restrictions.

Eligibility for Admission

A medical form #4 and assessments with both The Salvation Army Housing Manager and the City of Windsor Housing with Supports Caseworker is required. This is to ensure that the best of programs are in place for individuals in need when dealing with their mental health or physical needs.

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