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Emergency Shelter

The Windsor Center of Hope Emergency Shelter Department is guided by the example of Jesus Christ, the Four Operational Values, mission and vision statements of the Salvation Army in Canada. Its programs are informed by the Operating Principles of The Salvation Army Emergency Shelters in Canada, the Windsor Center of Hope Strategic Plan, and by extension performance expectations from the City of Windsor. The Emergency Shelter provides both practical and hollistic supports for clients as they build capacity to secure and maintain permanent housing and work closely with other departments at the Center and community partners to provide a continuum of care. The staff and management of this program prioritize providing excellent client service and hospitality to our guests.

Shelter Mission

The mission of our Emergency Shelter program is to provide emergency shelter in a loving, respectful and dignified manner. It is our goal to provide a safe place of refuge and to make referrals to Windsor Center of Hope programs and other community services that will meet our clients’ needs and improve their quality of life. We offer support, trust, encouragement and hope.

Shelter Vision

Safe affordable housing is available to all residents of Windsor with the supports necessary to maintain healthy lifestyles.

Description of Target Population

Homeless adult male individuals, aged 18 years or older, who as a result of complex social, economic and health challenges experience chronic and episodic homelessness.

Admission Criteria

The Windsor Center of Hope welcome all adult individuals (of appropriate gender identity) who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness unless they pose a serious risk of harm to shelter staff, other clients, or themselves, or have received an interupption of service for previous concerning behaviour. Services will be accessible to clients regardless of race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, state of personal hygiene, state of mental health, or — where reasonably accommodatable — level of physical ability. If a client requires specific or special needs that Windsor Center of Hope shelter is unable to provide, they will be referred to another agency as appropriate.

During times of extreme weather, the Shelter Department works closely with the City of Windsor to provide added responsive emergency shelter space.

Admission Procedures

Client orientation begins on intake with Shelter Fronk Desk Workers. Clients are informed of the purpose, scope and content of services upon intake. This includes a review of the Guidelines for Stay/Welcome, and a Confidentiality and Consent to Obtain, Release and/or Exchange Information. Staff engage clients to ensure that they understand their rights and responsibilities, as well as our emergency plan. Clients are given an appointment slip to meet with a Social Worker the following day. Referrals may be made to other agencies if more applicable to client needs.

Eligibility and assessment process required:

  • Pre-intake assessment done onsite
  • Identification
  • Proof of income
  • Bank account information may be required
  • Previous housing information
  • Housing assessments done onsite


COVID – 19 Procedures 

  • Before entering the building we ask that all clients please wear a face mask. We also provide them if necessary.
  • Prior to being booked in, we have all clients fill out our COVID-19 screening forms to make sure we are protecting our other clients & staff as much as possible.
  • We have transformed our Chapel space in order to provide the maximum number of beds permitted, so that we may support as many individuals as possible
  • Masks throughout the entire building are mandatory, except when eating in our Dining Hall.
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