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Pathway of Hope

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Outreach – Pathway of Hope

Pathway of Hope provides a high impact case management approach designed for The Salvation Army, and intended for use in community and family services settings. Through this approach The Salvation Army is able to provide targeted services to families with a desire to take action to break the cycle of crisis and vulnerability. It is rooted in integrated mission, and focuses on identifying and addressing root cause issues for families living in poverty using a strengths-based approach. Through intentionality and focus Pathway of Hope allows The Salvation Army to increase our impact with existing resources.

Pathway of Hope’s Three Core Elements


    1. Providing targeted services to families with a desire to take action, changing life trajectories and increasing hope

      Through a committed relationship with the local Pathway of Hope team, built on trust and respect, the family develops an action plan that includes personal aspirations and practical actions. The plan relies on assets and strengths recognizing families can overcome barriers through a holistic approach that utilizes their inherent skills and abilities.

    2. Bringing all the Army’s internal resources to bear, aligning them to the needs of clients, and focused on outcomes

      Pathway of Hope drives a broader, renewed concept of the resources and relationships The Salvation Army can use to benefit clients. Reallocation of resources, greater operational efficiency, and increased organizational integration are key to ensuring families receive the full benefit of assistance.

    3. Catalyzing community collaboration in service of shared clients

      The Salvation Army has a role to play in coordinating with external service providers to ensure clients have access to the services they need. Service to clients is bettered through enhanced community relationships, shared perspective among stakeholders, and coordinated operations and information.


Are you concerned about the basics that you need for you and your family? You can take the first step today by joining the Pathway of Hope to help you navigate the challenges to a better future. To get there, a caseworker will work with you to design a plan around your individual  goals, needs and strengths.

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