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  • on March 8, 2024

Stories from our Shelter- Claude

Stories from our Shelter 💒
Claude came to our centre in February after leaving Quebec. After leaving Quebec Claude found an apartment in Hamilton. Unfortunately, his landlord started giving him a hard time, demanding more money for his room. Soon after, Claude made the decision to move to Windsor in hopes for a better life.
Due to the housing crisis in Windsor it was difficult to find affordable housing, which Claude found himself to be homeless. Claude decided to seek out temporary shelter, in which he came to the Salvation Army. During Claud’s stay here we provided him with resources to find an affordable apartment. Claud also found joy in helping us whenever he could, including cleaning our windows
We were able to find a safe and affordable place for Claude to call his own. Last week we moved him into his very own apartment. Congrats on your new place